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7 Steps to Prepare a Toddler for a New Baby

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Diaper Bag Checklist -
What Do You Really Need?

A diaper bag checklist will give you confidence to venture out with your little one knowing you are prepared. Leaving your home with your newborn baby can be daunting at first. Gone are the days when you could just grab your keys and go. just a few of the options that are laid out before you.

"Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other!"
--Ronald Reagan

You will need to strike a balance between being prepared for everything, and being able to carry your baby with all of his/her “necessities” (without pushing a wheelbarrow).

I smile when I see a new parent with all of the gear and paraphanalia they are transporting in honor of just one tiny little 8 pound soul. I did it, too. Most of the time, the diaper bag weighs more than the baby.

Items from a diaper bag checklist - diapers, pacifier, etc.

The desire for the outing to go smoothly sometimes outweighs reason.

On the other hand, being unprepared for something while dealing with a screaming newborn is not pleasant. Like being caught at a park with a major “blowout” diaper, no wet wipes, and no change of clothing. (Been there, done that - with baby number EIGHT! I should have known better.)

So what do you really need? Here is a diaper bag checklist to give you some ideas of the things you might need while on an outing with baby. You will need to tailor your diaper bag contents depending on the length of your trip, the age of your baby, the season, and the event you are attending.

I will put ** next to the basic things that I won’t ever be caught without (again).

Diaper Bag Checklist


** Diapers –bring more than you think you will need

** Wet wipes – keep in a travel case, zip lock bag, or see my ideas on how to make your own homemade baby wipes

** Plastic bag – to hold soiled clothes or dirty diapers

** Hand sanitizer

Diaper covers – if using cloth diapers

Diaper changing pad – when you need a clean surface for a diaper change

Diaper rash remedy - (Are you not sure of the best way to treat a diaper rash? Are you confident that the ingredients you are using on your baby are not harmful? I write about the different types of diaper rash and some natural treatment ideas at Need a Diaper Rash Remedy?


** Complete change of clothing – maybe two

** Sweater/jacket for baby

** Baby hat – either for protection from the sun, or for warmth

Baby bib


** Water for making bottles or for breastfeeding mom

Bottle with pre-measured dry formula inside

Extra formula

Bottle with pumped breastmilk – store with ice pack

Breastfeeding pads

Breast feeding cover - Are you looking for maximum coverage? a stylish statement? or a little bit of both? See Which Breast Feeding Cover for my recommendations.

Breastfeeding pump - They can be a wonderful investment...if you choose wisely. We'll give you our unbiased recommendations of the best breast pumps.

Burp rags

Baby food and spoon


** Extra blanket

** Camera

** Diaper bag identification card

** Pediatrician’s phone number

Extra pacifier – stored in a zip lock bag


First aid kit

Prescription medications

Nail clippers

Acetaminophen and dosage information

Bulb syringe

Favorite toy

Clean shirt for mom (it will happen)

Baby carrier/sling

Diaper Bag checklist - in a plastic sleeve or laminated so you can quickly review what you might need to add

I will often forego bringing a purse with me in favor of stashing my keys and wallet in the diaper bag so that I have one less item to carry.

This diaper bag checklist should help you be prepared for most anything you will encounter with your newborn baby. But remember, you do not need everything on this list. Tailor the list to fit the needs of your baby and your particular outing.

Don't forget restock items that you use!

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