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A Breast Pump Bra
- Multi-Tasking at Its Best

Simple Wishes Breast Pump Bra

I never owned a breast pump bra until recently. I wasn't sure I needed one.

Anyone who routinely pumps breastmilk knows that it is a labor of love and a sacrifice of time. For many women, pumping takes more time than nursing a baby. For a busy mom, that time can become frustrating, leading to short-changing the pumping session at times (bad idea), or giving up pumping altogether.

The modern convenience of the dual electric breast pumps has allowed many moms to continue providing the very best nutrition available for their babies, even when nursing them is not possible.

Having exclusively pumped breastmilk for my youngest for her entire first year (long story, for another day), I have become well-familiar with the ins and outs (no pun intended) of pumping. For most of this year, I have attempted to make do with the balancing/propping act so that I could make good use of my time. Sometimes this worked, others times...not.

Finally, I decided to try a breast pump bra to see if it really would help me do a better job of multi-tasking.

The Simple Wishes hands-free breast pump bra came extremely highly recommended, so I was not surprised at the quality and functionality. What did surprise and impress me was the custom fit that can be achieved.

I've always been leery (and had mixed success) with ordering bras online. This breast pump bra comes in only two sizes, but the customization capabilities are tremendous. The rib band size is expandable by 10 inches, there is a 2 inch insert that can be zipped into the front so that the pumping holes line up properly, and it comes with removeable straps.

The reason why these features are so awesome is because the size of breastfeeding moms tends to change much over that first year after the birth of their baby (at least, we hope it changes). This bra will be the only pumping bra you will need despite size fluctuations and will give you a perfect fit every time.

    Note: Do be sure to check the sizing chart (as shown below) for the best fit. I mistakenly thought I would need a large, but happily discovered that I was wrong.

As for functionality, I don't see how it could work any better. With the fit is as perfect as it can get, those flanges and bottles aren't going anywhere. No more balancing act! I seriously think that if I were inclined to go jogging while pumping, everything would stay exactly in place (not that I'm considering doing that).

So what are the "cons" for the Simple Wishes breast pump bra? I would say that while this bra could be worn with many styles of clothing, it's definitely not a t-shirt bra. The openings for the pump attachments are noticable through thin/tight material. This negative can be easily overidden by putting on the Simple Wishes bra over the top of your favorite nursing bra only during pumping sessions.

While some frugal moms would consider the $39ish price tag a "con", I actually would disagree on two counts. First, time is money, so if you can use that pumping time doing other tasks, it pays for itself. Secondly, if the user believes she will be losing any weight during the months of pumping, this one is worth it. Maintaining a good fit after weight loss (or weight gain, but we won't go there) would be difficult at best with other pumping bras. This bra will replace many sizes, and therefore, is worth the price. It is also very well made, so will stand up to many washings.

Another consideration before purchasing a pumping bra is frequency. If you will only be an occasional pumper, you may be able to get by with the "balancing act" or even by cutting slits in an old breastfeeding bra.

For those moms who will be pumping on a regular basis...I highly recommend this breast pump bra! In today's busy, multi-tasking world, this is one of those ways for "Mom" to duplicate herself. But don't just take my word for it, read the Amazon.com reviews for the Simple Wishes Breast Pump Bra.

Some of the best ideas I've heard of things-to-do while pumping:

  • While you fix your hair and do your make-up.

  • While you answer emails or work on your website.

  • While you drive to work (This one I love! Just hook everything up before you leave, toss a shawl or large sweater over the top, and be sure you don't get pulled over for speeding. I don't think pumping while driving is illegal, but explaining it to the officer might be embarrassing.)

Simple Wishes Sizing Chart

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