Questions About Your
Newborn Baby?

Are you...Exhausted? Puzzled? Overwhelmed?

Here is the place for answers when the questions are about your newborn baby. Benefit from the latest research and our personal experiences as you begin your parenting journey with your very unique new baby.

We call these months, The Fourth Trimester, because your newborn will rely on you almost as much for these first three months as he did for those first nine months that you carried him under your heart.

So to you first-time moms and dads (and parents-to-be), we say congratulations on your newborn baby! Welcome to our little corner of the Web, where we hope the tips, advice, and encouragement shared here will give you great confidence as you adjust to parenting this precious infant.

This is just a sampling of what you will find on this site:

What's the best way to
bathe my newborn baby?

I think my newborn is,
ahem, constipated.

How do I get my newborn to sleep?

Infant Brain Developmemt Activities

Why is my baby crying?

Breast feed or bottle feed?

What do you pack in a
diaper bag anyhow?

How many of each
clothing item do I need?

Oh, oh!
I think that's diaper rash.

Baby Budget Worksheet

And a special little corner just for the new Dad!

Welcome to the Journey...

There's nothing in the world like a newborn baby.

That soft skin. That perfect little mouth.

That newborn smell that is so distinctive.

The way he grasps your finger.

That moment when his eyes meet yours and you are overwhelmed with love for this infinitely precious gift.

But that is not all that is overwhelming…

Your body hurts.

Your hormones are going crazy.

You cry and you don’t know why you are crying.

You haven’t had a good night’s sleep since before you went into labor.

And somehow through all of that, you are expected to…

Get him to sleep long enough for you to take a shower.

Understand what each cry means.

Be sure that he’s getting enough to eat.

Teach him that people want to sleep at night and interact during the day.

And breastfeeding sounded like a great idea…

We Understand

Yes, most things do get easier, but never so easy that you don’t feel overwhelmed with each new baby. Overwhelmed by the love, and overwhelmed by the journey before you.

Each newborn baby is unique, and so it takes time. Time to learn how to meet his individual needs, to learn how to read his cues, and how to get yourself back to feeling normal and confident again.

We're real parents who have "been there" and understand well the ins and outs of parenting newborns. This site was put together with YOU in mind, so if you are unable to find an answer to your question, please use the search box at the upper left side of the page, post your question here, or contact us directly.

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